Jace Billingsley

An aspiring 14 year old web applications developer

About Me!

Hey there! I'm Jace Billingsley, a teenager interested in software and web applications development! I have been working with computers for around five years now, and have been programming for more than two years!

The Code Blue App

The Code Blue App is a tool made for hospital staff to use whenever a patient undergoes cardiac or respiratory arrest. This app has many resources to help hospital staff, and follows The American Heart Association®'s reccomendations.


SneakFinder is a shoe price comparison website built on top of the SneaksAPI. This allows data pulled from GOAT, StockX, and FlightClub to be displayed collectively.


A real-time translation application made for use with foreign-language students in the classroom.


- JavaScript
- Python
- NodeJS
- ExpressJS
- DiscordJS + DiscordPy

- API Usage
- Version Control
- Adobe Suite

Contact Information

You can contact me on any of the services below!

Thank you

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